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Crane assembly

Our trained fitters with very well-equipped service vehicles, heavy-duty trucks and low-loaders can erect, dismantle and move your cranes as well as rental cranes quickly and cost-effectively. We can organise the necessary permits and barriers for you on request. Weekend operations are also possible if required. With our special high-speed axle, we can transport almost any type of fast-erecting crane – even using the motorways.

Site service

STOCK-Construction site service

We offer you our construction site service with well-equipped installation vehicles. In the event of defective equipment, a call is all it takes and the next free fitter will come directly to your construction site and repair the damage, so that no high costs are incurred due to work stoppages. It goes without saying that our workshop vehicles are well equipped with technical aids and spare parts. This enables us to carry out almost all repairs immediately on the construction site or at your building yard.

Construction site delivery

We deliver the working materials, formwork or our rental machines you need quickly and directly to your construction site. This saves you time and travel costs. We can send spare parts, small equipment and tools cheaply by parcel service. If you need equipment or spare parts very quickly, we offer you our express shipping service – also with overnight distribution service. Our favourable logistics contracts reduce your costs.

Workshop service

Is your machine defective? No problem at all. Arrange an appointment with our service department and bring your machine to us so that it can be back in use quickly and no high costs arise due to work stoppages. Our well-equipped workshop and mechanics will find the fault and rectify it as quickly as possible.

Spare parts service

We keep the most important spare parts ready for you in our warehouses. Parts that are not in stock can be ordered for you – with express delivery if required. Our service managers will be happy to provide you with spare parts documentation and operating instructions and advise you on defective units.

Crane operator - instruction

Give yourself and your employees security!

The accident prevention regulation (UVV) for cranes stipulates in §29 of VBG 9: The employer may only assign the independent operation of a crane to persons who have been instructed in the operation of a crane and who have demonstrated their competence to do so.

The STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH crane department offers you a seminar in theoretical form with practical exercises. The certificate of competence is issued after a successful written examination. For certified crane operators we recommend a refresher course every 3-4 years. This will keep you up to date with the latest regulations and technical innovations.

UVV inspection

Our rental machines comply with all required inspections (UVV, TÜV). Your machines and equipment must also be subjected to regular safety and function tests. We can carry out expert inspections (UVV) and expert reports in our workshops, on your construction site or your building yard. Using the latest measuring technology, we also carry out tests on electrical equipment and extension cables in accordance with VDE701/702.

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