Increase efficiency on your construction site now - with our plastering and conveying technology

Are you interested in our plastering and conveying technology in order to benefit from it sustainably on your construction site? By renting our technologies and machines, we have the necessary tools for you. This makes your work in the construction industry easier and allows you to easily apply or convey plaster and other materials, such as mortar or screed, to the surface of buildings or interiors. You want to learn more about this now?

The optimum plastering and conveying technology for every requirement

The plastering and conveying technology sector includes a wide range of machines, such as plastering machines, screed pumps and mortar pumps, which are used in the processing of building materials. These construction machines facilitate work on the construction site and speed up the processing of materials. For this purpose, you will find your complete equipment for plastering and conveying technology with us – from mixing pumps, conveyor systems and feed pumps to horizontal mixers and grouting pumps.

Efficient mixing with our mixing pumps

Our mixing pumps offer you one thing above all: efficient use. The transport of a large volume of materials is therefore definitely no problem. When selecting the ideal mixing pump for your needs, it is best to pay attention not only to the material to be conveyed but also to the necessary pressure.

How to work even more comfortably with our conveyor systems

With our pneumatic conveying systems, we ensure an optimal flow of material – even over greater distances and differences in height. The dust-tight conveying lines of our construction machines reliably ensure this. At the same time, you can easily control the material consumption at the mixing pump fully automatically. This makes work on the construction site even more convenient for you.

Our delivery pumps can still do this

Our delivery pumps are ideally suited for machine-compatible dry mortar, wet products or pasty and liquid materials. But that’s not the only thing that makes our delivery pumps real all-rounders with many possible applications. By adding an air compressor and spraying equipment, our units can also be used as plastering machines. With the help of the optional drum mixer, you also get a high-quality mixing pump for use on your construction site.

This is what our horizontal mixers and continuous mixers score with

Our horizontal mixers and continuous mixers are convincing for any mixing work on your construction site. The construction machines are particularly compact and can therefore be transported easily. You can mix various materials with our continuous mixers, for example, various mortars, plasters or adhesives and fillers. We also have horizontal mixers in our range that make it possible to process any lime- and cement-based dry mortar with a grain size of up to 6 mm without any problems.

Our grouting pumps for high-density suspensions

Do you need a solution to mix and pump high-density suspensions? Then our grouting pumps will definitely help you. Our pumps ensure continuous movement of the suspension so that no components can drop out. This is ensured by the automatic mixing and pumping process of the pump. You also benefit from the low-wear and compact design of our machines – as well as many other extras.

Plastering and conveying technology - Your partner for the rental of high-quality construction machinery

As you can see, our machines from the plastering and conveying technology sector offer you numerous advantages over conventional working methods, as they enable greater efficiency and productivity when plastering and at the same time significantly improve the working conditions for your workers. With our construction machines, you can work on large areas in less time. This in turn leads to faster completion of construction projects. Are you curious about our plastering and materials handling technology and would like to rent or buy our machines? Then get in touch with us today and we will clarify all the details together.

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