Concrete technology

Concrete engineering is the use of technologies such as vibration, compaction and shaping to achieve optimal concrete structure and quality. Concrete technology is used in many areas, such as the construction of buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels and dams. This includes, for example, the following products from our rental range:
  • Concrete internal vibrator with converter 38mm
  • Concrete internal vibrator with converter 58 mm
  • Concrete puller 1.50 m wide, petrol
  • Multi-purpose machine STR 702
  • Smoothing plate 73 cm
  • Trowel 105 cm
  • Slip ring for concrete
  • Surface preparation machine type FR 200 230 V
  • Concrete and screed milling machine Milling width 300mm Type VA 30 400 V
  • Vibratory tamper LT 6000 DYNAPAC
  • Flex LD 15-10 125R Renovation Grinder Kit
  • Plaster and screed milling machine 220V DSM 250
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