Grouting pumps

Grouting pumps have been specially developed for mixing and pumping high-density suspensions. The automatic mixing and pumping process guarantees continuous movement of the suspension, which almost completely prevents the precipitation of heavy components.
The >stockbig® GeoPump grouting pumps are also characterised by low-wear pumping systems and a compact, service-friendly design.

The >stockbig® GeoPump-HY is a grouting pump with hydraulic drive for direct connection to commercially available drilling equipment that has been optimised for use in near-surface geothermal energy.

Verpresspumpe >stockbig® GeoPump - 400 / FlexV / HY

Art.-Nr. 57026

Art.-Nr. 57025

Art.-Nr. 1000021

The >stockbig® GeoPump-HY is a lightweight, robust, mobile grouting pump specially designed for mixing and pumping high-density suspensions. The pumping and mixing process guarantees a continuous movement of the suspension into the borehole. This prevents heavy components of the suspension from falling out. Product features
  • Geared motor with planetary gear
  • compact, flexible and powerful
  • easy to handle, dismountable and portable
  • with puncture-proof tyres ideal even for rough terrain
  • robust metal frame protects components from damage
  • has crane eyes
  • Made in GERMANY
  • GeoPump-400V
  • GeoPump-FlexV
  • GeoPump-HY (World novelty!) With direct connection to a drilling rig you can grout boreholes, anchors etc. without the need for a power supply. For the hydraulic drive, the machine requires a control current of at least 12V control voltage.
  • Hydraulic drive (hydraulic motor) for the HY
  • Screw pump (rotor / stator)
  • Mortar pressure gauge as safety equipment
  • Cleaner shaft and mixer cleaner
  • Mortar hose 25 mm / 5 m long
  • Service tool
  • Picture operating instructions
Optional accessories:
  • Water hose
  • Injection bonnet for automatic filling
  • External vibrator
  • Alternative worm pump for different materials (optionally maintenance-free or adjustable)

Technical data:

Flow rate according to pump system:
3-35 l/min with D-pumps
5.5 kW bvei 400V approx. 400 rpm
3 kW at 230V approx. 240-335 rpm
hydraulic motor, infinitely variable
400V 32A
230V 16A
12V / 24V
Fuse protection:
3 x 25A slow-blow at 400V
1 x 16A slow-blow at 230V

Water connection:
¾ inch, at least 2.5 bar with machine running
Hopper capacity:
approx. 75 l (approx. 3 bags á 25 kg)
Filling height:
1010 mm
Dimensions L x W x H:
approx. 990 mm x 650 mm x 1190 mm
approx. 139 kg / approx. 148 kg / approx. 129 kg

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