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The pneumatic free-fall conveyor >stock big® SiloBooster for optimum material flow. Through our conveying lines, the SiloBooster blows loose silo material over long distances and to great heights. Due to the level indicator of the >stock big® InjectionHood (injection bonnet) at the mixing pump, the material consumption can be controlled fully automatically.

SILOBOOSTER >stockbig® Standard / Move / Fix

SiloBooster transportabel
Art.-Nr. 48352

SiloBooster MOVE
Art.-Nr. 100537

SiloBooster FIX
Art.-Nr. 100130

The pneumatic free-fall conveyor >stockbig® SiloBooster for optimum material flow. Through our conveying lines, the SiloBooster blows the dry material over long distances and, if necessary, at great heights to the blowing bonnet on the fettling machine. The delivery rates and delivery times are preset. The level indicator of the >stockbig® injection bonnet regulates the supply to the cleaning machine in interaction with the control unit of the SiloBooster. The >stockbig® SiloBooster saves the time-consuming and labour-intensive loading of the plastering machine with bagged material for larger construction projects. This means that the purchase pays for itself in a very short time. Quality down to the smallest detail.

Product features:

  • Delivery over long distances (up to 140 m) and heights (up to 100 m)
  • Dry-running rotary vane compressor
  • Compressor made by Becker
  • attached transport wheels
  • Made in GERMANY

>stockbig® SiloBooster variants:

  • SiloBooster-140-transportable rollable
  • SiloBooster-140-Move mounted on 80 km/h car trailer
  • SiloBooster-140-Fix fixed to the silo


  • Pressure vessel with filling regulator
  • Pressure hose NW32 7.5 m
  • Service tool
  • Operating instructions

Optional accessories:

  • >stockbig® injection hood
  • Delivery hoses rubber or PVC
  • External vibrator
  • Power connection cable CEE 5 x 4 mm² in 25 m or 50 m
  • Control cable 25 m or 50 m

Technical data:

Air flow rate: approx. 140 m³/h
Delivery rate: approx. 22 kg/min
Delivery distance: up to 140 m
Delivery head: up to 100 m
Connection: 400V / 5 x 32A
Fuse protection: 3 x 25A slow-blow
Dimensions L x W x H:
approx. 1130 x 600 x 680 mm
Trailer dimensions (for MOVE):
2010 x 1010 x 830 mm
Capacity of hopper: approx. 55 l
Weight of SiloBooster / weight of delivery container:
approx. 308 kg / approx. 91 kg

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