How to save a lot of time on the construction site by renting our masonry work platform

Do you want to make your work on the construction site drastically easier and save time, as well as create a safe environment for all workers? Then we have a very attractive solution for you. Simply rent our flexible masonry work platform for your construction site. This way you will benefit from a considerable cost saving. But that is by no means the only advantage the MAB 3001 can offer you.

Maurerarbeitsbühne MAB 3001

MAB 3001

The bricklayer’s working platform MAB 3001 from STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH speeds up the work processes and serves the ergonomics by considerably reducing the workload during bricklaying.

The bricklayer’s working platform has a load capacity of 3,000 kg, a length of 4.1 m (6.0 m with extendable walkways left/right), a width of 1.62 m and reaches lifting heights of 0.57 to 3.00 m. The electric/hydraulic drive is supplied with 400 V.

Data sheet (DE)
Operating instructions (DE)

Technical data:

Length: 4.1 m
Length with extendable walkways left/right: 6 m
Width: 1,62 m
Lifting height: 0.57 – 3.00 m
Lifting speed: 2.1 m/min
Weight: 1240 kg
Drive: electric/hydraulic
Load capacity: 3000 kg
Lifting capacity extension: 150kg / per extension
Underframes: Height max. 2.5 m
Voltage: 400 V / 16 A
Control: foot switch

You benefit from these advantages with our masonry work platforms

With masonry work platforms, you can comfortably reach otherwise unreachable heights. This makes the working platform essential equipment for almost every job on the construction site – and you benefit from numerous advantages, because the masonry working platform …

  • can be set up and converted quickly
  • enables simple operation
  • offers optimum weight distribution due to the overlying base frame
  • is easy to move due to quick-locking wheel set
  • has a constant load capacity over the entire lifting height
  • can be easily connected to other platforms through the central electrical control box
  • provides optimum adaptation to site conditions by means of extensions
  • reliably secures footing with non-slip tear plate covering
  • provides hydraulic relief during transport through double-acting hydraulic cylinders with safety valve
  • simplifies the transport of the guardrails by means of a guardrail frame
  • also offers optional hand control unit or foot switch

With the MAB 3001 bricklayer’s work platform, you set new standards for use on the construction site.

Rent a bricklayer’s working platform and work more effectively and safely in the long term

The MAB 3001 bricklayer’s work platform from STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH offers you these advantages and drastically speeds up your work on the construction site. At the same time, you sustainably reduce the workload and benefit from increased safety for all workers. Our platforms are, of course, suitable for all masonry work and thus make use on the construction site even more comfortable. Feel free to contact us and rent your construction machine now, which will effectively save you time and money.

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