We have tradition - We have not just been around since yesterday.

History and tradition. In 1968, the first business is conducted in the yard of a detached house in Trittau. The garage serves as storage for the construction machinery. As a former employee of Leo Ross in Berlin, the largest company for construction tools at the time, Jürgen Stock brings years of experience and the necessary knowledge from the industry with him.

His sons Jörn and Ulrich, as well as his daughter Wiebke, practically grow up with the company and experience the move to the Barsbüttel suburb of Stellau in 1970. There, the converted barns on a farm become the new company headquarters. In 1989, Jürgen Stock already employs 17 people and moves to a larger location. He buys a plot of land in the brand new Bültbek industrial estate in Siek near Hamburg and builds the company building that is still there today.

But then the Wall comes down and the senior boss travels to Gallin (near Zarrentin), where he was once in the Kinderlandverschickung. The journey into the past gives rise to the first branch of Stock’s company. “There was a great need for construction machinery,” explains Jörn Stock. And so other branches followed in the next few years, some of which, however, were closed again after the recession in the construction industry in the mid-nineties. To this day, STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH has two branches in Berlin and Rostock.

Taking into account the decades of experience from rental and service (repair), the in-house production of mixing pumps and plastering machines is started in 2007 under the brand >stockbig® Germany. The driving force behind the new brand is the conviction to offer the best quality, price and performance ratio on the market with >stockbig® machines. This is our story.

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