If you want to rent a construction crane or buy crane accessories

Are you here because you want to rent a construction crane or buy accessories? Then we have some good news for you: With us, you not only benefit from a large selection of construction equipment, but also from a smooth rental service. We would therefore be pleased to introduce you to our fast erection cranes, tower cranes and mini cranes and their advantages for your construction sites.

Our partner Becker Bauunternehmen uses STOCK – B.I.G. cranes for concrete work on the A26/A7 motorway junction in Hamburg

The construction machinery rental company that cares

We rent out the construction machinery you need so that you can complete your construction projects even more effectively. Our machines are safe, reliable, state of the art and are assembled and dismantled by experienced professionals. We also take care of the collection. When renting a construction crane, benefit from our high flexibility, our sound know-how and first-class service – and the large selection of construction cranes.

The rental of Top-slewing cranes

The top slewing crane or tower slewing crane is ideally suited for the safe transport of heavy loads. You benefit from many advantages for your construction projects:

  • a high load capacity
  • the safe and above all precise transport of heavy loads
  • simple and flexible control via cabin or radio remote control
  • the achievement of great tower heights

A tower crane is optimally suited for construction work in an urban environment due to its more compact and smaller footprint compared to a bottom slewing crane – but it can also be used wonderfully in open fields. For these reasons, a tower crane is very popular for many construction jobs. We rent out exactly the right model for your needs. Or do you rather need a bottom slewing crane for your construction site?

If you want to borrow a bottom turner

The bottom slewing jib is also very often referred to as a fast-erecting crane. In contrast to the top slewing crane, the slewing gear is located at the bottom of the construction crane. This offers some advantages over the tower crane with slewing gear on the tower mast:

  • You need even less space on the construction site
  • a fast erection crane is particularly effective for buildings of rather low height
  • Nevertheless, these construction cranes can easily lift several tonnes of loads

Diese Kombination macht den Schnellbaukran zu einer wertvollen Maschine für viele Bauvorhaben. Sie können aber auch einen Baukran für besonders enge Räume mieten.

This combination makes the fast erection crane a valuable machine for many construction projects. But you can also rent a construction crane for particularly tight spaces.

If you have a construction site with particularly little space to manoeuvre, you need a mini crane to transport larger loads quickly and effectively. Our construction cranes are optimally equipped for this – so you can rent exactly the mini crane for your needs from us.

The crane accessories you need

In the crane accessories category you will find many useful components to equip your construction crane or to expand it with special functions. These can be load hooks, work baskets, ropes, safety devices or special grabs. Take a look around and equip your construction crane optimally for its tasks.

The right contact for the rental of construction machinery

At STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH you will find the right solution especially for your construction project. Use our reliable construction machinery rental to effectively save costs and drastically facilitate your work on the construction site. We are your contact not only for construction crane rental, but also for the purchase of construction machinery or accessories. If you are interested, please contact us immediately. Together we will find exactly the tool you need for your construction project.

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