Hire masonry & setting equipment and work more effectively on the construction site

By using large-format sand-lime bricks, you can save a lot of time and, above all, costs. Because in this way you significantly reduce your processing and material costs. At the same time, the work processes can be even better coordinated.

STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH supports you not only with the delivery of the required rental equipment for the setting and masonry technology, but also with our know-how in the field of construction technology.

The complete equipment for setting and masonry for hire

With us, you will find all the construction machinery as rental equipment that you need for processing large-format stones: from the stone saw to the mini crane to safe transport on the construction site. Rent now what will make your work on the construction site drastically easier in the future.

Transport heavy materials easily and effectively with the mini crane

With our mini cranes, you not only minimise your physical strain, but also increase the working speed on the construction site at the same time. This means that you benefit twice over from the effective transport of the heavy materials you need. This makes the mini cranes from STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH an ideal tool for moving large-format building components such as sand-lime bricks and aerated concrete blocks.

Stone cutting saws – also for particularly dense and hard materials

Do you want to cut concrete or masonry with pinpoint accuracy? Then it is best to use the stone cutting saws from STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH. Our stone cutting saws make it possible to precisely cut stone slabs, blocks or paving stones in different sizes and shapes. Because you can use different saw blades depending on the requirements and material. For hard and dense materials, such as granite or sand-lime brick, STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH supplies you with special diamond-tipped saw blades. This makes your work even more precise.

The flexible working platform for all masonry work

You need a working platform that is quick to set up and convert, as well as easy to operate? Then you will definitely benefit from the masonry working platforms from STOCK – B.I.G. GmbH. But that’s not all: the platforms are suitable for all bricklaying work and enable safe, rational and, above all, time-saving work. Use our comfortable and flexible working platforms to make your work on the construction site much easier.

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